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  • ESRB Everyone E10 E


Pilot a team of fearless animals!

Blast through sinister enemies to bring peace to the Solar System.
Jump into your Mech Suits with up to 4 friends in this exciting space adventure for players of all skills.
Each animal has its own unique Super Attack! Fuse them for out-of-this-world combinations!

BARK Screenshot

Our only hope for survival rests in the paws of the ferocious members of Team B.ARK. The cybernetic fish armada, known as the Dark Tide, have taken over Earth and are spreading their aquatic fleet into space. Navigate and defend our Solar System as Barker the Dog, Felicity the Cat, Lucio the Bear and Marv the Rabbit, as they blast their way through waves of revenge-seeking aquatic mechs.

BARK Screenshot

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